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Ticket to Work

Your ticket to a better life

Social Security's Ticket to Work program and Work Incentives can help you find meaningful work. If you're age 18 through 64 and you receive Social Security disability benefits, you can take advantage of these free services.

ENCourage Nevada/Job Development Coach Inc. is an Employment Network provider for Social Security Administration with "Your Ticket to Work" program. We can assist you with the supports and services you will need to get back to work or be successful at the job you already have. We will provide you with the knowledge to receive the full benefits of the Ticket to Work Program.​


We hold over 50 years’ experience assisting our community in reaching their rewarding employment goals to return to work or obtain more substantial employment.  We pride ourselves on our extensive backgrounds in Human Relations, Business, Marketing, Psychology and Human Resources. Our staff has been granted certifications such as: Acre Certification, DETR’s Ethics Training and Social Security Training.

ENcourage NV is an EN – Employment Network provider for Social Security Administration with the Ticket to Work Program. We maintain all required State and Federal Background Clearances to handle discreetly your most private information.

ENcourage NV is the Employment Network for you! With our expertise, we will be able to assist you in preparing for, choosing and retaining employment. All of this is possible without fear of losing your medical benefits and other great work incentives. Contact us now for more information.

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