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Client Services


Encourage NV will help you get compliant with SSA and remain that way. You can receive help with reporting and referrals for additional SSA information.


Employment Applications
Application help.jpg

You will receive all the help needed to fill out your applications with accuracy and precision. Applying for jobs is a lot different than it used to be, let us help!


Career Counseling

Already have a job and want a better job? We can help. Looking to grow your career, lets discuss your options and make a plan!


Long Term Supports
Long Term Supports Pictures.jpg

You will be supported to obtain your success, reach your goals and keep them for 5 years. Encourage NV believes true long-term employment success lays in teamwork and a great support system.


Resume assistance

You will be provided a resume and skills list that stands out, gets employer’s attention.


Job Search
Job Search Image.jpg

Finding a job is more than looking on the internet. We will search, network and find the job you are looking for.



You will be provided with a professional email to use for your job search and job retention


Dress For Success

You will be shown what to wear to help you secure the job you are looking for.


Skills training

You will be trained in Soft Skills, Job Seeking Skills, Interview Prep, Transferable skills, Resume Training, Master Applications, Skills Lists, How to Keep your Job once you have gotten it, etc.


Interview Preparation
Interview Prep[1667].webp

You will be coached on how to answer interview questions including those “tricky” ones, mock interviewed, phone screenings and how to follow up on your interviews for your best chance to get the job.



Our clients are our #1 priority! Encourage NV is your support team and will advocate for you with potential, current and future employers to help you reach your goals and keep your job. 


Self Esteem
Self Esteem.jpg

You have the ability to become the best version of yourself. Encourage NV will assist you in finding your personal power to build your self confidence for reaching your employment goals


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