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Employer Benefits


ENcourage NV partners with businesses and educational institutions to help furnish pre-screened, qualified candidates that truly want to bring value to your company.


In addition to having access to qualified, motivated candidates, there are many other benefits to working together with ENcourage NV...


The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is available when hiring some of our candidates. This is a Federal Tax credit that ranges from $1,200 - $9,600. Please call for information – we can help.

Pre-screened candidates

ENcourage NV makes sure every candidate referred to your organization has been screened for your required qualifications, education, transferable skills, work experience, physical ability to match the available position’s needs for best placement.

Prepared Candidates

ENcourage NV provides candidates with training such as: Soft Skills, Job Readiness, and Employment Retention

reduce turnover cost

ENcourage NV helps companies reduce their turnover cost of attrition by providing prepared, qualified candidates who statistically stay on the job longer and are committed to long-term employment. 

employer satisfaction

ENcourage NV is invested and dedicated to employer’s satisfaction with their new candidates as well as our candidate’s success on the job. Long-term retention supports are maintained for as long as 5 years. Encourage NV is your staffing team!

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